You want to cross the finish line faster?

We are specialists in sport shooting and can show you how it works!


You want to develop your shooting technique and encrease your performance? You want to shoot better and faster?

We are the ideal partner for you, if you want that!

We have many years experience in professional sport shooting and we know also the difference between "normal" sport shooting and laser run. 

Whether beginner, advanced or already ecperienced athlete, we offer the individually right training course for you.


In order to regularly achieve good shooting performances, it is not enough to train, it must also be the right training. 

Shooting is a very complex sport in which the most important thing is the repetitiveness of the sequences and a solid basic framework. The focus of our training is always the athlete as an individual. The structure and optimization of the personal technique allow a repetitive and goal oriented training.  We offer you lessons and training at the highest level and look forward to work together. 

Benefit from our passion and many years of experience.


BASIC GROUP WORKSHOP In our basic workshop you will learn the fundamental basics and thereforefor your shooting technique absolutely necessary basic framework. You will learn about the outer and the inner position and why this is important. We will teach you both, the clean trigger pull as well as the proper aiming technique. We pay also special attention to the grip adjustment, because this is a huge source of error. In addition, we will show you to use your existing equipment in the most useful way.

We show you all the possibilities, but our focus will be always your individual needs.



If you want to take your technique to the next level, this is the right course for you! With the right training for you, you will improve your technique and reach the finish line faster than before. From the right sequence to the breathing technique, the 

balance and the mental preparation, everything is included to encrease your performance permanently. Building on the existing technical skills, we will find improvements and work out together with you and your trainer a suitable training plan for you.


All workshops are offered as groups or individual workshops.



Number of participants: 8 athletes maximum.

Costs: EUR 160/h for the complete group. In case of a course at the athletes, additional travel costs will be add.                          

Duration: will be arranged.

Location: by arrangement either in Austria, or at the location of the athletes. 



Costs:  EUR 120/h. In case of a course at the athlete, additional travel costs will be add.

Duration: will be arranged.


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