The truth about grips

Before focusing on things such as aiming, pulling the trigger ect. one has to concentrate on how to perfectly hold the pistol.

This is often difficult since most of the standard grips in the industry are available in only 3 different sizes, which is an economic compromise for the manufactures and does not cover the individual needs of athletes for different grip sizes. In fact, two athletes rarely have similar hands.

But it is important to understand that a grip which doesn't fit will always cause problems. What therefore is required from a grip? What should a good grip look like? What does it mean for a grip to fit properly?


A grip that fits is the base for good results!

The weight of the pistol is transmitted to the hand through the grip, which then controls barrel direction and trigger characteristics. The grip is the contact from the hand to the pistol. The grip should lie in your hand consistently, the better the grip fits in your hand, the better the feeling and the end result.

Holding and Aiming

First of all, the weight of the pistol is beeing transmitted to the holding hand by the grip. A good fitting grip enables the hand to be in the center of the barrel axis and to maintain a perfect balance. When aiming pistol to the target, the barrel should be perfectly in line with the aiming eye. It is essential not to raise or turn the wrist in order to aim on the target! Mistakes like this can be multiplied unmercifully! The pressure on the grip should be consistent with each shot and this is only possible with a perfect fitting grip. Adjusting the palm rest and altering the height is not efficent! The grip should create a horizontal pressure with the second finger parallel to the barrel axis.

Pull the trigger

The trigger finger must not have any contact with the grip. The pressure of the grip directly relates to the pressure of the trigger. That means that differences between pressures on the grip will cause differences on the trigger! Perfect pull of the trigger requires a grip that fits perfectly!

How to find the best grip for your individual needs?

It's simple! Just take the measurements of your hand and you will find your suitable grip in the size chart.